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Home Theatre Chairs Guide

So, you are planning on a media room or dedicated home theatre room. You should know everything about home theatre seats. This guide is going to prepare the home theatre buyer on the best way to choose and buy home theater seats  .

Home Entertainment Room Measurements:

The width of the viewing display. The optimum viewing distance is 1.5 to 2 times the width of your viewing screen. Once you have determined this, at this point you understand where to begin your first row of seats best av receiver .

Can I place an additional row of seats in my own theatre? Another row may require a raised stage at least 7 inches so that you can find out on the leading row of seats. For many theatre loungers you will want at least a 72 inch depth stage for the 2nd row of seats.

Do you want an aisle? Centre aisle or side aisle? Most rooms feature side aisles. A three foot aisle is perfect. The very best guidance would be to quantify your room twice. The appropriate fit is crucial for your theatre. Most home theater seats are particular order and not returnable to retailers.


Most home theater chairs characteristic wall saver or wall hugger design. The recliner inclines versus reclines letting you set the seats near the wall typically about 4 inches space needed. You need to assess product specs to determine just how much space you will have to have in back of the seat. When it's a wall hugger design you might want more space before the seat to allow for the footrest to come out. The depth of the seat is going to function as crucial measurement Click here .

The Top 4 Measurements

Depth in full recline position

Depth in vertical position

Measurement from front of the seat to front of the footrest.

Measurement from foot of the seat to back of the headrest.

Reconditioned Home Theatre Chairs

Reconditioned home theatre seats resembles actual movie theater chairs using a rocking mechanism. The most typical use is putting these seats on another row stage in home theater, apartment building theatres, condominium organization theatres and home theaters who wish to get the movie theater appearance. Reconditioned theatre seats isn't as comfortable as recliners but it's its place in a few home theaters. The tendency with apartment and condominium complexes would be to assemble a community theatre for the residents. This has an amenity for community living. In this case, movie theater seats make sense in order to fit bigger number of individuals in a smaller space.